Dear diary,

Angel is very mad at me, he took the computer a part so I couldn’t use it any more. He said I wasn’t ready for a computer. I got so excited when we first set it up though after talking to the ponies on my webcam, I learned that some of them are not like the ponies I’m use to meeting. I met some that where so very kind, and other that, um I’d rather not talk about it. How ever I think some of these poor ponies need help, or at least a hug.

It was very fun talking to all them as a whole though, I guess I shouldn’t be so scared. Applejack came by and assured me that everything was fine and no one was going to hurt me. She explained what uh.. “Trolling” was and I think I understand it.  It seems so mean, and I don’t know why any pony would do that to another but she told me they found it fun, like a mean joke.

Tomorrow I will make Angel his favorite meal and be really nice to him, maybe he will fix the computer for me.